At VISS – Tilal we have a relentless focus on providing a world class education that fosters community engagement, a positive school climate and excellence in teaching and learning.

We focus on each individual student’s needs and ensure we are supporting their academic, social and emotional development.

As an IB Primary Years Programme candidate school, we deliver our curriculum through transdisciplinary units of inquiry, ensuring learning is meaningful, relevant and engaging.

We offer a broad and balanced curriculum, in line with the Victorian Curriculum which sets out what every student should learn throughout their schooling. The curriculum is a set of knowledge and skills required by students for life-long learning and social development.

While focusing on the core skills of English and Mathematics, the Victorian Curriculum (F–10) has been developed to ensure that curriculum content and achievement standards enable continuous learning for all students, including:

  1. Students with disabilities and additional learning needs
  2. English as an additional language
  3. Gifted and talented students

VISS – Tilal offers a dedicated Arabic, Islamic, Moral Education and Social Studies programme as per the UAE Ministry of Education requirements. The programme caters for both native and non-native speakers of Arabic.