Health and Physical Education-Curriculum

At VISS – Tilal we recognise that regular physical activity contributes to improved performance in the classroom, as well as the overall health and wellbeing of students. In addition to improving general fitness and an understanding of the importance of healthy lifestyles, our PE programme develops gross motor and teamwork skills, and contributes to building confidence, leadership, social skills and strategic thinking capabilities.

Perceptual Motor Programme

All children in Early Years participate in our Perceptual Motor Program (PMP). This is a structured programme that enhances coordination and cognitive skills through purposeful movements. PMP consist of activities like balancing exercises and hand-eye coordination drills to promote holistic development.

Sports Facilities

The school has a gymnasium, 25m six lane indoor swimming pool, multi-purpose covered courts, and a sports field. The gym and field are used for PE lessons, ECAs and holiday camps, and moving forward the school will offer swim programmes for our students and the community.